Canadians should DEMAND proper representation from their Govt.

Even if it is now a neoConservative Canada, how dare our new Defence Minister - former lobbyist and full on supporter for the growth of the canadian military industrial economy for private profit - subvert my right to proper representation and suggest that a vote is not necessary?

Recent opinion polls have suggested public support for the mission is low, but Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor has said the mission is vital. He rejected the idea of a vote in Parliament over whether to continue the mission.

full article (inserted link 02 03 06)

Excuse me, but Canadians do not want to participate in this war.

A vote MUST be had if we're to continue to play along with the notion that we are represented by our elected officials.

Contact your MP today and demand a parliamentary vote to determine whether Canada has a mandate for war!

using your postal code

by the name of your Member of Parliament

(the conservatives apparently don't think you need to contact them all yet - mine's not even updated with any contact info yet. Oh boy will they enjoy my call)


Paradise Now

Support Paradise Now's right to be shown, and it's right to be called a Palestinian film.

Free Speach has been much touted these last weeks; do we really mean it?

Thank you to my friend Eman of AquaCool for raising the issue:

After winning the AGICOA’s
Blue Angel Award for the best European film at the Berlinale
, and a Golden Globe for
the Best Foreign Language Film movie in the 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards, Paradise Now has created such a controversy. As soon as the news of this movie being nominated for the Oscars, an online petition signed by over 11,000 Israelis was created to force the withdrawal of this movie from the Oscars all together, claiming it encourages mass murder!


Friday Cat Blogging

Too tired for serious matters - Enjoy more Papa Cat in the meantime!


The Nose of Africa

Love your Animal Companions.



Go and enjoy a dig in mr. damon's Fractal Garden.


Will the US bomb Iran Back to the Stone Age?

Check out what Eric Margolis has to say about the mainstream fabricated conceived threat that Iran poses to 'the West' in his most recent article.