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It's been a little while semi-offline and I missed this significant observation by Rigorous Intuition (v. 2.0)



Igor Falecki drummer -4 years old.



"The Protected Place"

Youngfox has more pictures, news and updates on Kanonhstaton, the Six Nations reclamation site near Caledonia; where they're saying 'no more' to the oppression of their People, and the appropriation of the Land.

UNITY - it's a beautiful thing to behold.
"It is our territory. Just because it has passed title illegally throughout the years doesn't mean that it isn't ours."

~Janie Jamieson

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...the Planetary Clock can't slow down and wait for us to catch up.

Tub-thumper reminds us that the World Can't Wait.

You might think you're 'just' eating Orange Roughy for dinner, but you're 'Eating the Planet'.

While conservation groups and the international community at large are calling for a UN moratorium on the fishing practice known as bottom trawling; Canada's "New Government" won't support it!
It'd be really nice if the NeoConservatives could surprise us once in a while by not acting so predicably like greedy psychopathic bastards.

Stating a 'lack of scientific evidence' as their reason for voting to continue this practice of total destruction of entire ancient ecosystems; they wait for something or someone to provide some more information, and have no substantial plan for acquiring this 'scientific information'.

Come now, this logic is akin to allowing your 5 year old to mix up your various cleaning materials in your toilet, knowing full well that it's going to create a damaging toxic reaction because you don't fully comprehend the exact chemical reaction that will result.

It's total and complete idiocy, but in the case of bottom trawling the damage is irreversable, and the only benefit the temporary accrual of wealth for a very few corporations; and of course this all only happens because YOU buy the damned catch!

Trawling of every sort is destructive, albeit not in the same sweepingly huge scale as Bottom Trawling.

Skin missing from their fins and other parts of their bodies indicates they have been caught in trawlers' nets.

Surely as Canadians we can and should draw on our collective heritage of a Nation from which Greenpeace has sprung, our hindsight and understanding of our destruction of the cod fishery and demand that our Government FULLY support this moratorium.



Post hasty

I'm not even Muslim (or any other monotheistic believer), but this brand of bullshit Jack Straw hillbilly thinking makes me want to wear veil simply to excercise my right to wear whatever the hell I want before it no longer exists.

Even if I agree that communicating with someone who's face I cannot entirely see poses its challenges, no one should hold the power to force another to compromise their own personal freedom of choice.

If you've got a problem with that; well then you've just got problems.


A goat looks at a window of a butcher's shop in a village near the city of Tyre, southern Lebanon.


(observation: looks to me as though he can't help but remain on his hind legs...there doesn't appear to be enough slack in the unfortunate creature's lead to allow him to stand on all four of his legs)


Among Canadiana I appreciate...Emily Carr

Early Emily...

Emily Carr: Totem Walk at Sitka, 1907

Later Emily...

Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky, 1935

Forest, British Columbia, 1931-32

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