Harvest in the City

Caracas is following the example of Cuba's local production of food crops, destined for local consumption. Best of all, these crops are organically grown.

What a novel idea.

Harvest in Caracas.

And we in the West still somehow claim superiority in such matters where 'developing nations' are concerned.

Perhaps we should talk less and learn more?

I for one would be ecstatic if locally grown organic produce were available at lower prices than I find in the supermarkets where my organic spinach apparently needs to be brought from China of all places. (?!WTF!?)

I dream, but alas another Walmart's on the way instead sustainable organic agriculture.



Clockwork Nibbler

Nibbler in his Clockwork Orange outfit. (the eyes clinch it, don't they?)

He's a lovely rabbit. Check out his site for more Nibbler and lots of information for anyone wanting information on how to be a good rabbit companion.

Thanks to Deb, a new Expendable friend, for steering me in Nibbler's direction.

Now if only I could get my hands on a couple of cat sized top hats....


Snowless Winter

Welcome to the New Year

Winter Dancers by Cecil Youngfox