The Truth About the Gaza Massacre - Video

Israel shelling Gaza despite "ceasefire"

and yet another disgrace for Canadians:
"Wiped off the Map"
Park funded by Canadians hides the ruins of Arab villages.

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Jews vs. Zionism

Harper, Ignatieff and the other apologists for ethnic cleansing should listen to these real Jews.

On the opposite side of the spectrum Zionists in New York dance and celebrate the Gaza massacre while high profile Democratic politicians repeat the "Israel does not target civilians" propaganda.
Some of the Zionists declare Israel should "Wipe them all out" - an open call for genocide.

If you said such a monstrous thing in Canada,
(and it was not, of course, referring to Muslims),
you would be charged with sickeningly Orwellian "hate crimes".
If you said it specifically referring to Zionist Jews, you would find out fast how equal all Canadians really are.

See Zionism for what it is - a monstrous all pervasive supremacist movement that has nothing to do with religion, yet it hides behind Judaism.

As unacceptable as it might sound their lobby groups in Canada control the media and government.
Politicians fear their financial and media strength and would sell you or me down the river in a heartbeat at their behest.

"Israel Advocacy" in Canada

Two examples of Canadians who dared upset Zionists both here and abroad are Leslie Hughes and Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, two people who dared utter truths displeasing to Zionists.
Hess-von Kruedener reported Israeli war crimes against Lebanon from his UN bunker in 2006 that was then deliberately wiped out with repeated air strikes by the Zionist air force.
Zionist puppet Stephen Harper then proceeded to blame Hess-von Kruedener for doing his job and standing in the way of the Zionist war machine.
Although the UN outpost was clearly targeted for destruction by Zionist Israeli forces for daring to report their war criminal activities Harper did not lift a finger to defend the Canadian or demand any explanation from the Zionist war criminals.

In the last Canadian election Liberal candidate Leslie Hughes was singled out for previously authoring a blog post about groups with foreknowledge of the 9/11/01 attacks and was quickly thrown under the bus by lickspittle Stephan Dion at the behest of Canadian Israel lobby stalwarts The Canadian Jewish Congress and B'nai Brith Canada.

Now Bernie Farber of the Zionist lobby group Canadian Jewish Congress, in seeking greater control over what Canadians can say or think, has levelled a ludicrous claim:
" Jewish group claims pro-Gaza protests have violated Canadian laws"
Be careful if indeed you intend to practice your now tenuous right to free speech in Canada. If the Zionist Lobby does not approve of what you say or do, you can bet that their government pets will sick the increasingly Stasi-like Canadian "law enforcement" alphabet agencies all over you.

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The Siege of Gaza

...is not a "war on terror". It is the slaughter of innocents. It is a crime against humanity, against justice.
It is a war of aquisition and a genocide.
Do what you can to help Gaza.