Will you stop what you're doing to help stop the war?

Saturday, August 12 2006, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Saturday, August 12
Israeli Consulate

180 Bloor Street West
(west of Avenue Road, north side of Bloor)

March to U.S. Consulate
360 University Avenue
(east of University, south side of Armoury)

Called by:
Canadian Arab Federation
Palestine House
Muslim Unity Group - Toronto
Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation
Canadian Peace Alliance
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War
Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
Trade Unionists Against the War

Even if you go through your day to day without ever discussing religion or politics with co-workers and strangers alike; you should try to attend your local march next weekend and add to the visible numbers who demand peace in their names.

Pretending it's a drama or cartoon playing out on the channel you never turn to on your television set will just leave you wondering where you've ended up; a third of the current Middle East's population will have been exterminated so efficiently that you won't even be aware that 20% of the deductions taken off your paycheque every week ended up making it all possible.

This isn't just something that can be waved off with the tagline that it's been happening forever. There is no time like the present for you to speak out for peace.

Watch a Video Letter:

From Beirut...to those who love us.


Mediterranean Ecocide

Tragically the international community, aware that Lebanon cannot possibly clean this, will make no resolution to curb this man-made black tide on Beirut's shore.

Is everything in the Middle East destined to perish so horribly?


A Selfish Pause for enjoyment

of Jeff Grant's photograph of a Kniphofia sp. (or so I've deduced)

And a dog named George

Canada's shame continues

This Talking Head over-rationalises the Israeli demolition of Lebanese society, reducing his position to little more than an apologist for murderers.

He is as useful as tits on a bull and doesn't have an opinion until it's given to him.

Apparently he cannot count either:
"I don't think that Canada's position is isolated in any way and I don't think that we have done anything other than participate productively, actively in looking for solution that will lead to a ceasefire."

Canada was alone with the UK in supporting the veto imposed by the US on the proposed UN resolution for a ceasefire.

He extolls the virtue and solemn importance of enforcing UN resolutions, but selectively excludes the myriad resolutions to which Israel has never complied.

Alexa McDonagh certainly has bigger balls than he, and at least sees that an immediate ceasefire is the minimum that Canada should be calling for. (and I do mean minimum)