Clever Creature

I met a wise ant at mr. damon's...



The term is a bit of a stretch from our more common use but I think fair, none the less.

These are primates, after all.

Creatures who seem increasingly more sensible than humans with each passing day.


If you don't buy it...

...the fur trimmed 'whatever' it is: the little notebook with a furry bobble on the clasp, the hoodie coat with furry collar, the boots, the purse, the shoes, etc., etc., ad nauseum...

Then these atrocities won't happen as frequently, and when they do, YOU WON'T BE RESPONSIBLE!

Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson, said: "Slaughter of these animals is
horrific, with cats strangled outside their cages as other cats look on.

"Dogs noosed with metal wires are slashed across the groin until they bleed
to death as the wire noose cuts into their throat."

All images, and excerpt via this article.
Oh, and this is yet another reason NOT to go to the pending Olympic games, in case you might've been considering it.
The good news is that the E.U. is attempting to behave with some degree of responsibility by banning items bearing the fur from cats and dogs from being imported. Good job for a start, where's the rest of the world on this? Where are the illustrious leaders of the rest of 'the West'?
Canadians and Americans need to excercise their mighty market. Put your money where your mouth is, stop buying this stuff.
Of course, I'm sure there are plenty of sick fuckers who'll not care one way or the other, in those cases, at least what comes around goes around....


Constellation Libra presents...

...'Super-Earth' orbiting it's sun, Gliese 581. via

I thought this artists' rendition was rather pretty.

Apparently this planet bears tremendous similarities to our own; but the sun's smaller, the planet's bigger and the cycle around the sun (our year) lasts all of 13 of our days.

If the inhabitants are fortunate enough not to have despoiled it as we have our planet, (come on, there must be somebody living there!) no doubt the humans who've been designated to make decisions about such things are busy planning just how long we could manage this new Exoplanet's natural resources for a profit.

(I'd be suprised if they were still fretting over the 20.5 light years of space to traverse, I figure they've got that angle covered by now)


A nice gesture

"Human beings need to coexist with the other species, even if they are tiny butterflies,"

Highway shut for butterfly travel


Rightful Claim

It's shameful that one year on, Canada's federal government has not already resolved this land claim.
The non-native citizens of Caledonia who are also seeking a resolution to this ongoing saga should support their Six Nations neighbours and put their efforts toward demanding a resolution between the federal government and the rightful caretakers of this land.
To do otherwise is to obfuscate the cause of Justice; and surely we would all like to believe that Justice does still exist in some form, even if it's more seldom seen with each passing day.



Devon Mothers Urge Toddlers to Fight Because humans really are sick.

N'kisi the Clever African Grey Because most other animals are so much more intelligent than humans give them credit for.

50th Anniversary of Vanuatu Cult Because if you can't find a flying Spaghetti Monster, why not a Cargo Ship?

37 year old Fuji's prosthetic Fluke Because if you're going to trap a wild creature and keep her captive, it's the least you can do.

Engrish! Just because.


Harvest in the City

Caracas is following the example of Cuba's local production of food crops, destined for local consumption. Best of all, these crops are organically grown.

What a novel idea.

Harvest in Caracas.

And we in the West still somehow claim superiority in such matters where 'developing nations' are concerned.

Perhaps we should talk less and learn more?

I for one would be ecstatic if locally grown organic produce were available at lower prices than I find in the supermarkets where my organic spinach apparently needs to be brought from China of all places. (?!WTF!?)

I dream, but alas another Walmart's on the way instead sustainable organic agriculture.



Clockwork Nibbler

Nibbler in his Clockwork Orange outfit. (the eyes clinch it, don't they?)

He's a lovely rabbit. Check out his site for more Nibbler and lots of information for anyone wanting information on how to be a good rabbit companion.

Thanks to Deb, a new Expendable friend, for steering me in Nibbler's direction.

Now if only I could get my hands on a couple of cat sized top hats....


Snowless Winter

Welcome to the New Year

Winter Dancers by Cecil Youngfox