Dolphin Assasins are loose in the Gulph

Oh how I wish the basis for this story didn't exist.

Dolphins, all Cetaceans, are so much more intelligent than we give them credit for. I'm convinced that they are more evolved than humans as a genus. They are not alone...sea lions and orcas are also used by the US Navy.

The suffering of these creatures at the hands of humanity is disgraceful. Even this article is slightly light hearted about the trained dolphins but I'll be attempting to add to this post soon with more background info when time allows me to.

The US military has gone to great lengths to further their dolphin programme and to keep it from becoming public knowledge. They know how disgraceful it is. They just find their own ends will justify any means, as always.


How many bullets does it take to kill 1 Iraqi Insurgent?

Apparently 250,000.

US forces are using up so ammunition so quickly that they're buying them from the supplier for the IDF.

Maybe it's that the administration simply can't build the US deficit quickly enough unless they pay $10 billion more than it would cost to make the ammo at home; that would lower unemployment at home too. (can't have that)


Hunger Striking Terror Suspect hospitalized in Toronto today

Mohammed Mahjoub has been on a hunger strike for over 75 days, drinking only juice and water.

He has been held for five years in a facility not designed for such a longterm detention.

He wishes to be granted contact visits with his wife and childen.

All excerpts are direct links to sources:

Mahjoub has said, 'I'm happy to wait for these decisions, but provide me with livable living conditions in the meantime.' You wouldn't treat a dog like this, nor should you," said social justice activist Matthew Behrens, one of the man's most vocal advocates.

He is one of five people being held by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service on security certificates based on secret evidence. Under federal law, the government can hold suspects indefinitely if they convince a judge the suspect is a threat.

He is accused by security officials of belonging to the Vanguards of Conquests, a militant group with ties to the terrorist organization al-Jihad.

Mahjoub has admitted meeting Osama bin Laden in Sudan in the 1990s when he worked in an agricultural plant owned by bin Laden. But he denies any links to terrorism.

Canadian authorities tried to deport Mahjoub a year ago, but a federal judge stayed the deportation order against Mahjoub, saying she was convinced he might be tortured if forced to return to Egypt, where he was convicted of having terrorism links.

Dictatorships Allow Touch Visits in Prison: Why Not Ontario????

Mahjoub and his family hope that while he is hospitalized, health care authorities will be able to properly investigate the conditions which have led to his hunger strike, including his Hepatitis C, and his knee injury.

Agents Provocateurs - finally some proof?

2 undercover SAS detained in Basra were caught by Iraqi police after one of their own was killed in gunfire exchange. The two plainclothes operatives refused to state the mission they were on and their car has been reported as being full of explosives.

In attempting to forcefully free their compatriots, British forces came under attack from Iraqis; causing their very own demise while attempting to undermine the very force attempting to keep order under occupation.

The SAS are not in the business of running patrol duty. These are specialists who are trained and experienced in covert and undercover operations.

Their training includes extensive psychological preparations and methodology to use psyops effectively as required.

Read more here, here, or here.


Don't Drill, Storm Capitol Hill

The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge is still under threat.
The 2006 U.S. budget contains plans to open the Refuge to drilling
(for what amounts to a paltry 6 month supply).
The fight isn't over yet! The Porcupine heard successfully calved in ANWR this spring and have made their way back to their fall grounds.

Help ensure that their existance continues. When they arrive in their calving grounds next spring will they find a familiar place to bear their young, or will they find themselves in the midst of human destruction with no safe harbour in time to bear their young?

The amazing folks from Being Caribou will be in Washington on the 20th of September and they need your support.

I'd be there if I could, I hope you all lend a hand in whatever way you can.

Bee in the Neocon Bonnett

Hugo Chavez has addressed the U.N.

"We believe it is time to think about the creation of an international city with
its own sovereignty, with its own strength and morality to represent all
nations of the world. Such international city has to balance five centuries
of unbalance. The headquarters of the United Nations must be in the South"

Chavez's speech (translated to English by Nestor Sanchez) makes no illusion of his purposes or ideals - and the man is aiming high.
I love every word of it.
It's sure to have raised the ire of all the Usual Suspects because he suggests of all things - the nerve of the man - that people should prosper from their Nation's wealth.
Here is a National leader who has the means to achieve his ends. Other world leaders may wish to stand up to the Neocon purpose and their assigned parts in the agenda, but few have the oil money with which to do it.
He's demonstrated that he has the wherewithal to lay his socialist agenda bare before the world. His opposition to Western developed, US led hegemony has been made clear, and while the Neocon backroom will be busy furthering their plans to oust the Venezuelan leader; I wonder if they will make the mistake of underestimating the will of the people of the developing world? After all, complacency in North America is easily understood since most people wallow in the comfort of their material goods and luxurious conveniences but those in South America and many other places on the globe have not nearly as much to lose by throwing their fervent support behind the actions of such a leader. What they have to gain is an enviable and very achievable equity among themselves.
Chavez implores the U.N. to act on it's own past resolution:

"In the Resolution 3021, May, 1974, the Assembly expressed its will to work with
utmost urgency in the creation of a New Economic International Order based on-
listen carefully, please- “the equity, sovereign equality, interdependence,
common interest and cooperation among all states regardless of their economic
and social systems, correcting the inequalities and repairing the injustices
among developed and developing countries, thus assuring present and future
generations, peace, justice and a social and economic development that grows at
a sustainable rate.”
I wait anxiously to see the results of his speech. Who knows, maybe I'll even see it covered in the mainstream media?!


The End must be nigh...

...for the appointed puppet-emperor has said "I take responsibility" for the government failure to respond in any meaningful way to the devastation that hurricane Katrina has wrought.

If only the american people would take this opportunity to impeach this criminal while they have it.

I'm sure that George will have to have his medication dose increased after today. He's sure to succomb to an apopleptic fit if his brain chemicals are allowed to get out of whack.


Words of Truth are Timeless

“…In order to secure their power and to rest at heart's
they have armed the Durzi to fight the Arab;
Have instigated the Shi'i against the Sunni;
Have incited the Kurd to slaughter the Bedouin;
Have encouraged the Mohammadan to fight the Christian
-How long is a brother to fight his brother on the
breast of the mother?
How long is a neighbour to threaten his neighbour near the
tomb of the beloved?
How long are the Cross and the Crescent to remain apart before
the eyes of God?…”

~Khalil Gibran (1883-1931)
photo by Alex Crick


Canadian Frank Stronach brings evacuees to Palm Beach

Stronach is doing Canada proud. He's house a few hundred evacuees in his Palm Beach horse training facilities, providing them with "everything we needed". He has pledged to be in this for the long haul, supporting the victims for up to 5 years.

He's already put millions into the effort, and is planning to spend $2million US to buy 1000 acres in Louisiana upon which he'll build a community complete with a school to help the affected people be able to rebuild lives for themselves.

Now how about hearing similar stories about Bill Gates or any others on the Fortune 500?

read more


Vancouver aids in rescue before the US feds arrive.

Sheriff Stephens, interviewed on the Cajun Queen, also said federal assistance had been minimal. "I have Royal Canadian Mounties who have gotten here faster than the federal government,"

from NY times

Apparently it's easier for a municipality on the Pacific coast of Canada to organize and begin rescues on the ground in Louisiana than it is for 'Brownie' or Crypt-Keeper (striking resemblance, don't you think?) Chertoff to organize the forces of the most powerful nation on the planet to help people in St. Bernard's parrish.

Just another striking example of the incompetance of FEMA & Homeland 'Surveillance' Departments.

A Louisiana state senator has praised a Canadian search and rescue team. Senator Walter Boasso said a Vancouver-based team reached St. Bernard parish five days before the U.S. army got there.
"Fabulous, fabulous guys," Boasso said. "They started rolling with us and got in boats to save people ... We've got Canadian flags flying everywhere."

from the CBC (still locking out it's employees)

Vancouver's Urban Search and Rescue Team arrived home safely on Tuesday, September 6, 2005 from Louisiana after assisting in the search and rescue efforts in the areas of the state ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. The team was deployed on August 31 and worked with Louisiana State Troopers and the U.S. National Guard.

Vancouver Urban Search and Rescue