Justice in Vermont (with your help)

"A citizen in United States should never expect to gain justice through the judicial system. The system is so corrupted that in the rare case when justice prevails, it is not because of, but it is in spite of, the system."
~Rosemarie Jackowski

We are posting this call to action today because a kind and decent woman needs your help. Rosemarie Jackowski is a 68-year-old grandmother/Air Force Veteran/writer/anti-war activist and an advocacy journalist living in Vermont.

"On March 20, 2003, I participated in a peaceful protest against the war. I was arrested, incarcerated, handcuffed, booked, fingerprinted, photographed, arraigned, tried, convicted and sentenced. My conviction is currently under Appeal in the Vermont State Supreme Court. Courtroom procedure allows the condemned the Right of Allocution. This was the first time that I was allowed to speak freely and openly to the court. Below are my words, as I spoke them, to Judge David Suntag, in Vermont District Court, in Bennington, Vt., on October 7, 2004."

A Courtroom Speech By Rosemarie Jackowski

To get an idea of where Rosemarie is coming from I would suggest you read the above article as well as:
"Silence is the greatest of all crimes"

An interview with Peace Grandma, Rosemarie Jackowski
by author Mickey Z

The details of her protest trial can be found at the Veterans for Peace website.

The idea of a jury steamrolling a grandmother for committing an act of civil disobedience is, unfortunately, not very surprising in America’s current political climate.


That is not subject of today’s appeal to you.
The current injustice facing this amicable woman has to do with her actions as a plaintiff stemming from a traffic accident in Vermont in the year 2000.

While waiting in a line of traffic she was rear ended by a loaded logging truck.
Many eyewitnesses reported the truck driver was “distracted” by some young ladies on the roadside and clearly the negligent party in the accident.
It would seem like a straightforward case but for the fact that the truck was owned and operated by the state of Vermont.

It gets worse. It has taken FIVE YEARS for the government to even begin her deposition.

I urge you to read the horrific details of this matter in her recent article:

The Deposition By Rosemarie Jackowski

Being deposed by a government lawyer for a case where the State is the defendant is, no doubt, a rough ride. It would seem that the State of Vermont had an intimidation card up its sleeve when the lawyer’s questions began to stray far from the case at hand into the realm of Rosemarie’s political beliefs and very personal life.

An excerpt from The Deposition:

"The big day arrived. I was taken into a small, windowless room in the state’s attorney’s office complex. I looked around. There was a one-way mirror opposite to where I was seated. There were some metal bookshelves with black garbage bags on them. It reminded me of Abu Ghraib.

I was told to raise my right hand and was sworn in. Then the interrogation by an assistant to the state attorney general began. She asked questions about my political activities… questions about my political writings. She had copied all of them from the Internet and waved them about with great emotion. She seemed excited by the fact that some of my articles had appeared on a web site that has a four-letter word in its name. Obviously, she thought that this would embarrass me. It did not. I calmly explained to her that I do not have a web site and I have no control over what name other people give to their web sites. I don’t know if she believed me or not.

Then the interrogation got even more interesting. She asked questions about my sex life. She asked questions about my marriage that had ended 35 years prior. Then she started to ask detailed questions about the fact that I had been the victim of a brutal rape. The rape, which is irrelevant to this case, had occurred 40, yes 40, years ago during a time when I was working in Florida. By now, it had become very clear to me what was happening. There was no doubt in my mind that this was an attempt to intimidate me."

Whether or not you agree with Rosemarie’s political beliefs they should not hold any bearing in her case against a State-owned trucking company that had cause her much physical anguish and financial devastation. As for the exceptionally private matters of sexual assault or divorce- the representative of the State of Vermont has gone too far!

This is not the progressive State that I have read about over the years. This is brutal.

We are appealing to you, dear reader, to take a few moments to write to one or both of the people listed below and join us in demanding a fair and equitable conclusion to this rather straightforward case of negligence on the part of an employee of the State of Vermont.

The harassment and obfuscation by the assistant to the state attorney general and the dragging out of this otherwise uncomplicated matter are Justice delayed and Justice denied.

Dick Sears, Chairman of the State Judiciary Committee:

Speaker of the State House, Gaye Symington:

Governor of the State of Vermont, Jim Douglas:

A susinct sentence or two is all we ask.

If you are a Blogger we would ask that you perhaps utilize your own space to help spread this appeal with your own article or a link back to this one.

Thank you very much.

Amelopsis and Youngfox.


Mickey Z. said...

Bravo. Rosemarie is fortunate to have friends like you two.

Let's hope this is the first step toward justice.

Amelopsis said...

Thanks MZ,

I too hope that this brings her closer to the justice that she deserves. A person as selfless in her actions as she, deserves nothing less, and so much more.

And don't forget: I'd never have known Rosemarie if you'd not written about her first.

Youngfox said...

The State digging up political writings to intimidate is disgusting. (old Sexual assault victim case as intimidation is above and beyond offensive)

Just when you think they have gone too far they go further.
I don't know how it works down there but here the party that rear ends somebody in traffic is almost without exception the guilty party. I hope we can move a few people to write these state officials.

Amelopsis said...

Yes it seems to be really very disgusting behaviour, and you're absolutely right: if some one's rear-ended here, there's pretty much no defence that I'm aware of - even if it's a chain reaction accident you're still liable for hitting the car in front of you.

michael the tubthumper said...

brilliant stuff. going to put a link up.

Mudge said...

Well-put, on a par with the ebst I've seen!

Amelopsis said...

Ah Mudge - it's Youngfox who's the eloquent one - he was nice enough to do all the hard work for me!

Good to see you - hope all's well.

Thanks for spreading the word Michael!

Lily said...

Here via Michael, I am truly sorry for all that has transpired.

Amelopsis said...

Welcome, Lily and thank you (on behalf of Rosemarie) for the sentiment.

I do hope that you might spare the time to send a few emails to those officials listed to express your thoughts on the matter.
The State needs to be aware that their actions are being closely watched in this matter and that justice is expected.

Chris Wood said...

The treatment of Rosemarie Jackowski is a clear violation of civil rights! Her car was crashed into by a negligent public employee, and liability has been effectively denied by a closing of the ranks by every public office dealing with the matter.

Shame on them so far.

However, subsequent treatment of this excellent lady have been a woeful example of discrimination, harassment and a clear cut erosion of decent standards.

Speaking as an impartial observer, I have to say the state of Vermont is run by sleazy pissants. They are too cheap to dip into their vast resources to buy this poor lady a new car, and have run so damn low as to browbeat her over her politics (first amendment rights don't apply to victims of public sector negligent driving, it seems) and even drag up a most upsetting & disturbing assault.

If this behaviour had occurred in any of dozens of countries it would be dragged up as an indictment of why we shouldn't grant them any clemency! This lamentable, sad action can only sully the names of all public officials involved.

This shameful behaviour degrades every reasonable standard. My post would be full of exuberant profanity, but apparently Ms Jackowski is further discriminated against if her name appears on websites with rude words in. It's ok to bully & cheat a lady, but to swear is clearly just being offensive.

The state of Vermont is a disgrace.

justin barker said...

I'm with you too, and I'll link.

edjog said...

Duly noted. Emails sent and you linked to: Rally the troops!

Keir said...

My link to you will be up in a few minutes. Well done.

Kangaroo Brisbane Australia said...

A Link will be up in no time at RebelleNation good luck in you fight from Down Under, nothing surprises me today with the state of your Nation, what can you expect with the Administration that is in power.

Hawk, Sr. said...

Amelopsis: Thanks for the post on Marie Jackowski. I immediately sent three emails to appropriate Vermont officials. Hope to God they listen and respond to our collective voices.

Your presence is much appreciated!

Hawk Sr.

Amelopsis said...

Thank you Kangaroo and Hawk Sr. for stopping by and for lending your support to Rosemarie's case.

Firefox said...

Hi there, I'm a Blogger as well and have posted a link after it was forwarded to me. The message IS getting through to LOTS of people.

You have the World's support!

The Intolerant One said...

First I would like to thank you for your words of encouragement that you left at my blog site. They were appreciated and as a "righty" although I am definetly outnumbered at "pouquois pas" I hope I can offer insight and respectable discussion.

Re: Rosemaries plight. Wow! What more can I say. I think your article says it all. I can certainly put in my two cents to these Government officials but in all seriousness, since when has the American Government ever listened to a Candian's input?

Amelopsis said...

Thanks for stopping by here, Intolerant One, I was actually hoping that you might be able to spread the word around among bikers and the like. After all, the whole issue of travelling on the roads (esp. without helmets) could place any of us or you in quite a predicament. The State of Vermont might listen when it is reminded that important tourist dollars are at stake. ;)