A Measured Response....

...must be dependant upon who's yard-stick you're using.

Troops were also fighting Hezbollah militants inside the Lebanese border.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said the number of Lebanese killed in the ten days of violence was more than 330.

He said that more than 55 bridges had been destroyed and claimed Israeli forces had also targeted medical convoys.

"This attack is no longer against Hezbollah, it is an attack against the Lebanese and Lebanon," he said.

But, of course, Israeli politicians and apologists have a different take on this situation:

Alan Baker says that Arbour, who has been an international war crimes prosecutor and a justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, doesn't understand the situation.

And while western nations fawn and busy over getting out those Lebanese fortunate enough to hold dual citizenship along with foreign tourists:

"Here, it just seems like the world is doing nothing.

"People are dying and it feels like a collective punishment on the whole nation.


Maybe Israel was targetting the deadly and feared Lebanese Pigeons....

Lebanese pigeon fanciers release birds they found alive under the rubble of houses that were destroyed when Israeli airplanes targeted them, in the town of Choueifat, at the southern edge of Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday. (AP Photo)

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shlemazl said...

Nice photo

Youngfox said...

You are a crude little man, "shlemazl".

Your applauding of death and destruction belies the typical Zionist sentiment.
I am curious, as a “scholar” of the times are you also a “scholar” of the past?
I am curious about the cruel hearted members of the diaspora, you know the ones like you who cheer for the death of babies and the destruction of nations or like the Mossad terrorists who dressed up like Arabs on September 11, 2001 and danced and celebrated on the roof of their van as they videotaped their “mission accomplished” when the World Trade Centre was demolished.

Are you an Ashkenazi Jew (like the ones who helped the Nazis “choose” who lived or died) or a Separdic Jew?
Why do you not return to the fabricated nation in Palestine so you can strap on your gear and dip your wretched hands into the blood of your Semitic cousins that you so lustfully despise?

Suffice it to say watching the Semitic Arabs and Separdim murder each other in the Middle East is bad for the whole world.

I personally do not want to see Israel burn because whether based on myth or reality there it is and there it shall stay.
The choice of that nation to wage war “by way of deception” will be its downfall not any Arab state or radically misguided Muslims.

Israel will always exist in the hearts of loving and decent Jews and this parody of it in the Middle East will exist and cruelly murder and dominate its neighbours as long as the USA remains in the dark about its double dealings and loyalty to nobody but its own elite.

I will defend any man or woman who carries love, honour and respect in their hearts no matter their race or monotheistic control cult affiliations.
The likes of you - honourless cheerleaders of mass murder deserve nothing but the spite and scorn of decent, peace loving people the world over.

I will never take joy from the death of a Jew, Arab or any of my fellow humans.
You should look into that hateful little raisin that beats in your chest and dig deep for the truly gentle spirit that lives in us all, waiting to be shared and learned.

Until that day you should fuck off fast and quit harassing my gentle spirited friend here.
Your bile adds nothing to any attempted discourse and your hate driven Zionist bloodlust betrays the kind and decent Jews of the world who wish only to live in peace.