"The Protected Place"

Youngfox has more pictures, news and updates on Kanonhstaton, the Six Nations reclamation site near Caledonia; where they're saying 'no more' to the oppression of their People, and the appropriation of the Land.

UNITY - it's a beautiful thing to behold.
"It is our territory. Just because it has passed title illegally throughout the years doesn't mean that it isn't ours."

~Janie Jamieson

Unity Flag image via


Scout said...

great stuff, and so nice to see the big bass drum....love those things! cool of you to go there and lend physical support (as well as spiritual , it all vibes out from everyone).

love the way they plastered over the douglas creek sign! great words from janie!!!

Amelopsis said...

That drum was amazing, as were the voices of the men and at times I thought that drum would fly right up off it's stand with the energy of their drumming.
An Elder woman was singing too at times and a young woman who lent her voice also - words can't describe how those sounds make me feel.

Jeff Msangi said...

I loved this sentence/fact UNITY-it's a beautiful thing to behold.Only if all of us practised this.

Scout said...

nice point jeff.

music, the universal language. t'is true, t'is true.

Scout said...

clan mother hazel hill reports today that it must have been 'the biggest potluck in the world'. she figures about 1,000 attended , while gary's navy was only a few hundred...this is in reverse to media count. in good spirit fashion she thanked mchale for organizing this , which allowed the pot luck to happen and a the feeling of unity and support to grow.

meantime government is trying to impose itself by saying they need entry to the homes at douglas creek to test the water (it's been done by the occupants from an outside tap...government says it needs to be done by an authority and from the inside, but areas residents are allowed to do it on their own....just a scam to gain entry).

the gas company is also accusing 6n of 'siphoning natural gas iwth a hose'.....as hazel says, ya right, as though they're going to do that and blow themselves up.

mayor marie trainor is complaining that the government is footing the utility bill....hazel offered to pay and have them send it but they never have....so now she's saying just send the bill to the queen who holds monies in trust.

heh heh, ya gotta love the clan moms!!!

Amelopsis said...

Here's something Mickey Z just passed on to me: http://tinyurl.com/yzykf9