Clockwork Nibbler

Nibbler in his Clockwork Orange outfit. (the eyes clinch it, don't they?)

He's a lovely rabbit. Check out his site for more Nibbler and lots of information for anyone wanting information on how to be a good rabbit companion.

Thanks to Deb, a new Expendable friend, for steering me in Nibbler's direction.

Now if only I could get my hands on a couple of cat sized top hats....


sk said...

Let's hope he'll behave better than his human role model:


michael the tubthumper said...

i know a person who tried to keep house rabbits but there are major problems with them nibbling on the wires for electrical appliances

Amelopsis said...

Hello sk & Michael,

He also had a few other dress up outfits, so I'll make it a safe bet he'll not go on a violent psychotic rampage.

He's not called Nibbler for nothing,his human made mention of some pre-emptory precautions to prevent the electrical cord trauma. Cats seem a great deal easier in comparison.

mickeyz said...

Nibbler? I hardly know her.