Constellation Libra presents...

...'Super-Earth' orbiting it's sun, Gliese 581. via

I thought this artists' rendition was rather pretty.

Apparently this planet bears tremendous similarities to our own; but the sun's smaller, the planet's bigger and the cycle around the sun (our year) lasts all of 13 of our days.

If the inhabitants are fortunate enough not to have despoiled it as we have our planet, (come on, there must be somebody living there!) no doubt the humans who've been designated to make decisions about such things are busy planning just how long we could manage this new Exoplanet's natural resources for a profit.

(I'd be suprised if they were still fretting over the 20.5 light years of space to traverse, I figure they've got that angle covered by now)


Mickey Z. said...

How are you?

Amelopsis said...

All's well Mickey, thanks for asking. Busy book reading and less time for 'internetting' for a while now.

scout said...

i like that little planet....don't like what 'we've' named it though. stuff like this is interesting but i still can't figure out why there's space exploration , huge observatories etc. when the money could go to fixing our planet instead of seeing if there's 'anyone else out there' or vying for some other place to live cause we've screwed things up so badly here.

ah well....for now there's flowers to smell :)