The term is a bit of a stretch from our more common use but I think fair, none the less.

These are primates, after all.

Creatures who seem increasingly more sensible than humans with each passing day.


Jeff Msangi said...

Its always sad to see any kind of a soul taken away.The brutality here is perhaps what is more alarming.However,I think we must find a reason why this is happening because I believe no one does this kind of brutality just for fun..or are there?

Amelopsis said...

'via' leads you to the reported story which indicates this family was killed for their land - but make no mistake, brutality for any reason other than self defence is not defensible behaviour - it is psycopathic behaviour.

These victims were not further mutilated as they normally are when more commonly killed by poachers - their hands & feet were not cut off; at least the desire of the murderers to make their point allowed for the Gorillas not to be further humiliated in death.

Sadly, the Mountain Gorillas will likely be extinct within a few decades (though no one wants to say so). We humans excel at bringing destruction....at the expense of our own humanity. Decades of war, population increases paired with lack of resources & poverty, and an increasing demand in the trade of bushmeat all but guarantee the demise of these noble brethren of ours.

scout said...

geeze! some people are just pure rotten. and why...why this destruction? development and the almight dollar.