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I'm sharing an email alert I received today (along with many others) and I'm asking humbly for your help:


Sorry to bother you but times are desperate for the Refuge and if we can all send the information below to anyone we know in the U.S., plus other Canadians so they can send it to their contacts in the U.S. too, we could really help.

Also, please take the time to send a new letter through www.beingcaribou.com asking the PM to stand up to his strong statements to "pull out all the stops to ensure the integrity of the calving grounds".

The time may have come for him to figure out what those stops will be, and start pulling. Thanks for your help. We still believe that together we can stop this from happening, and that it's only over when the last person who cares, gives up. So please don't give up. We need your help.

Sincerely, Being Caribou Arctic Drilling Proposal on Senate Floor Drilling in the Arctic Refuge will be under debate today on the floor of the US Senate (Wednesday, November 2) while the Senate is debating the overall Budget Reconciliation bill. It is possible Arctic champion Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) will again offer an amendment to remove the Arctic drilling provision from the budget reconciliation bill. Debate is expected to go all day Wednesday and most of the day Thursday. Drilling in America’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has no place in the federal budget reconciliation bill.

This proposal has nothing to do with lowering gas prices. According the Government’s own Department of Energy, drilling in the Refuge will lower gas prices by only a penny per gallon 20 years from now. This proposal has nothing to do with reducing our dependence on foreign oil. The Department of Energy estimates that even when the Arctic Refuge is at peak production, our country will still be importing 66% - a whopping two thirds of all of our oil.

Drilling in America’s Arctic Refuge has nothing to do with the budget – it is a backdoor effort to ram an unpopular proposal through the Senate, sidestepping the usual process of open debate. The American people have made it clear that they want the Arctic Refuge protected. There are some places that are too special to ruin with oil drilling, and America’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of them. WE NEED AMERICANS TO CALL THEIR SENATOR NOW!!

Please take a moment and call your Senator – tell them to please protect America’s Arctic Refuge and vote against the budget reconciliation bill.

Every Senator is important, but it is critical that the following swing Senators hear from all U.S. residents:
Snowe (R-ME) • Collins (R-ME) • McCain (R-AZ) • Smith (R-OR) • Coleman (R-MN) • Dewine (R-OH) • Chafee (R-RI) Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

To send an email, click here

If this bill passes the Senate, we will still have a chance to stop it in the House, and indications are looking better all the time that the House will not accept a budget with Arctic in it. But if we can stop it in the Senate, we don't have to worry about the House - please call your Senator today!

If you're not already a member, join the movement to protect Alaska's wild places. Visit www.alaskawild.org <http://www.alaskawild.org/> and click on the bear!

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