Jilin Chemical Catastrophe

The chemical plant explosion in Jilin that has loosed an 80km slick of carcinogenic benzyne into the Songhua river will soon reach the Amur river in Russia and result in the vast contamination of the rivers waters.
Russians are preparing for the emergency situation and to cut off the supply of drinking water as soon as the slick reaches them.

Only well water is potable at this stage and this seems to be largely accessible to corporate interests (McCains french fries need to keep the chinese KFC consumers happy) while the populations of tens of millions are scrambling to aquire adequate supplies of bottled water.

What I desperately want to know is this:

What's being done to clean up this spill and how has it already affected the ecosystem of the Amur and its tributaries???

Have any readers found any mention of the consequences of this spill (other than that of drinking water)?

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