Hey - Wake Up!

I make a plea to all mindful Canadians to inform themselves and make their opinions known to their elected MP.

Thanks to Youngfox for a great post today, and one which addresses the most urgent topic of Canadian involvement in the war in Afghanistan.

If you pay your taxes you "SUPPORT THE TROOPS".
If you do not support this war you do not support government policy. See the difference and never let war mongers and their brainwashed thralls guilt trip you for having a conscience.
Remember what that did to the American public discourse.


Youngfox said...

Thanks Am.
We need to get out of there now.
We never should have gone.

Jeffrey said...

What a couple of dumbasses.


Amelopsis said...

Jeffrey, You're of course referring to O'Connor and Harper; I can't say I agree with that; they're busy drumming up growth for Canada's military industrial businesses - dangerous, but hardly dumb.

Oh - and thanks so much for dropping by to offer your carefuly thought out analysis of the situation.

Jeffrey said...
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Jeffrey said...

Let me be more succinct, okay?

Your panties need to be washed.



Jeffrey said...

One more point.

Anyone who puts photos of CATS on their blog should be SHOT.


Keir said...

Amelopsis thanks for pointing out the important Youngfox post.

As to other matters, I don't think you have any responsibility to offer space to anyone advocating violence as above. Since the profile for this cowardly and insulting individual is unavailable, you might even want to take the issue up with Blogger.

Mickey Z. said...

Empress, can you get the IP address for "Jeffrey"? If so, send it to me, okay?

Amelopsis said...


Youngfox said...

Hey Jeffy,
You’re a real credit to the species. I wrote the referred article why don't you come on over and dump your moronic angst on my site. Amelopsis keeps it clean on her site. Make your profile available, you big strong he-man, I’d love to punt you a new one - you cowardly little weasel.