Stop the Seal Hunt

The seal hunt begins in less than 2 days.

Tell Canada's government to come clean about what's really happening on the ice before it's too late!


Now I must add that as a Canadian I respect that there are cultural and historical ties to the seal hunt. Many a fine Newfoundlander needed to hunt seals at one time both to put food on the table and to sell the pelt for income.
There is no need and no excuse for this to happen today.
Any outport Newfoundlanders who aren't happy about the protest to this hunt can use their time machines to go back and stop Joey Smallwood from killing your traditional way of life and making it unsustainable.

If you're without a time machine, then I'm afraid that you just have to deal with the fact that this is a barbarous practice and find an alternative supplement to your income.

Times change, so must we.

Surely we can see that these animals should not be predated by man any longer.


Table Mountains said...

my time machine is in the shop for repairs today. your mind is probably there also.

whyamicrazy said...

Maybe you would like to come to Saskatchewan to protest the deer cull we had this year, 17,000 bambi's were killed. Two years ago the there was a snow geese cull, you could come protest that was well. If you decide to please let me know, I'll take pictures and cover your protest on my blog, interview you on a podcast, and I have a friend in the paper and I'm sure you could get some coverage there. One thing about the fishermen of Newfouldland you might like to know is that fishing is their livelihood, it's really all they have ever known, and most of them do not get rich from it and do not make tons of money, it's just a job. Also the seal meat is served in Restaurants and eaten at home. Just so you know.

Amelopsis said...

Clubbing mammals, or shooting them is fishing now? Intersting definition. You might want to check the dictionary for some clarification.

Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that fishermen are those who get licensed for the seal hunt, as I am that some of the meat is eaten.

I'm aware of the deer culls and geese and so many other assinine activities sanctioned by our government ministries in some sort of mindless attempt to 'manage' nature.

Did you have a point to make or did you just think you were providing some sort of quasi-educational service that I didn't need?

Interesting that I see no plausible justification for the seal hunt, just some half assed efforts at hurling insults.

Every time I've seen coverage of officials or participants of the hunt attempt to represent themselves they end up slitting their own throats with circular logic and appeals to the lowest common denominator while accusing those opposed to the hunt of the same behaviour.
Only one of these two groups is supporting the continuance of a violent and needless slaughter.

Amelopsis said...

Much seal meat also goes to waste - can't be too many fishermen needing the hunt to feed themselves when a skinned carcass is abandoned.


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious..have you ever sat down at a table of a seal fisherman? I bet he wasn't eaten a pumped up, steroid induced chicken that most people are lead to believe are good for them...and I sure as hell know that he wasn't eating a "lamb" chop or blood pudding...which I do believe is taken from the animals slaughtered behind closed doors. It's too bad that the fisherman could not have doors on the ice floes...then they can earn their living in peace...as do the butchers and people who raise animals to be sold on the market.....would you call..your child buying a calf, naming it, feeding it to help it grow and then selling it only to make $3,000 a tad bit barbaric...or is that just reserved to the "cute" animals? I invite you to a meal of seal stew before you judge anyone who has eaten seal his/her whole life....by the way...the blood of an aninmal is on everyone's hands...even yours..unless you are vegetarian and then you are nothing more than a chemically injected toxic specimen of what we call a human.

Youngfox said...

anonymous coward.
If you had any sense to make you didn't make it here.

"unless you are vegetarian and then you are nothing more than a chemically injected toxic specimen of what we call a human."

Are you for real?
Read a book, moron.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should call me a moron...you are sure quick to "react" so much for your text book vocabulary... it sure shows the true colors of ignorance....maybe you should get your face out of a book and check into the "real" world...the fact is the seal fishery will remain open and my family will continue to hunt and eat seal...we will also continue to wear seal skin boots and mittens....I'm sure this comment will continue to make your blood boil...so I suggest..you get real and visit a sealer...then you will have something to base your textbook comments on....MORON..which in newfie language means "Stun as me Arse!!!!"

Youngfox said...

You know, anonymous coward, ye take a whole lot for granted.
For example, how do you know I am not from the Rock?
How do you know that I have not smashed in a few seal faces to make a quick buck?
You don’t.
You just came here to spout a bunch of incoherent half-baked crap as an anonymous troll.
You and all of the overly defensive Islanders with your indignant, bleating outrage and tireless circular logic do nothing but make all Islanders look like a bunch of club dragging hillbillies who can’t come up with a more decent way to means.

You all defend the seal hunt industry with the edifying proficiency of crotch sniffing monkeys.

I assure you despite your best efforts to create some sort of disparaging divide between the likes of yourself and me; my “reality” is just as “real” as your own, (unless you are the two dimensional cartoon that you come off sounding like).

I’m sorry about my ‘moron’ comment.
Your approximation of what comprised the chemical makeup of a vegetarian quite simply made you sound like an idiot.

Your inarticulate blathering is hardly pointed or calculated enough to “make my blood boil”.
If anything I am embarrassed for you.
I see you subscribe to a ‘conservative’ school of thought which seems to believe that by stating you will continue to be an ill-mannered brute you will somehow irk more progressive thinkers into some sort of “blood boiling” stupor. Please…

You only reaffirm the perceptions of your mental state (rightly or wrongly) already held by those not acquainted with your life experience.

Thank you for the eloquent and highly enlightening insight into the sort of individual that refuses to progress as an empathetic, sentient intellect in this awful new age of technical marvels and obstinate barbarity.

Best of luck with them global warming and pollution ‘tings.
Perhaps oceans and fisheries can "manage" those for you as well.

Anonymous said...

I remain annonymous as I have that option. For a person who seems so highly articulate and "educated" ...you seems to lack common sense as well as an understanding of people and their culture...go out on the ice floes....have some seal heart or steak with the family of a sealer and then you will have experienced reality....get off your pedistal and meet the people who work hard to supplement their income....
and how do you know that I am an Islander? As for you being from the Rock....that's very unlikely...as people from the Rock are kind, patient and neighbourly.....that my friend is something you are not.....maybe a trip to the ice flows would cool you off and give you a reality check at the same time....it's people like you who have so little tolerance for their cultures that start wars.....good luck...If you haven't seen the news tonight..protestors have been banned from the ice floes...it's about time....

Amelopsis said...

Anonymous perhaps it is you who should consider sitting down to a meal with a vegan after a days work of rescuing abused animals. They live among you - in Sept-Iles, and on the Rock.

Amelopsis said...

Anonymous perhaps it is you who should consider sitting down to a meal with a vegan after a days work of rescuing abused animals. They live among you - in Sept-Iles, and on the Rock.

Youngfox said...

"Cool me off"
*YAWN* Thank you for verifying the fact that you are a waste of time.

Your passive aggressive position making the entire conversation about your suppositions concerning me is a typical posture for people who have no viable point to make.

Hell, what do I expect?
Even Danny boy comes off sounding like a twit trying to defend the industrial fur fashion cull why should you be any different?

With our regressive leadership Canada is going to hell in a hand cart anyway, why not have seal clubbing gut tossers as yet another representative example as to why any international reputation we have as backward nimrods is well deserved.

If you have any salient point to make, please do.
I am sure the owner of this website would engage anybody who makes such a “patient and neighbourly” attempt.

If you are an Inuit hunter who takes what he needs and uses ALL of what he takes than I am very sorry that the large scale,fashion industry driven, “managed” cull is ruining your traditions.

I am done clogging up this comment section responding to your pointless blathering.
Good Luck