Get Some

I've been on a temporary internet hiatus, or rather a hiatus from the internet, which may continue for a while yet.

Life can become busy with itself in many ways.

In the meantime, a thought I think everyone can benefit from: create unity.

See you all soon, and thanks for continuing to check in at my little space on the world wide web.


JOS said...

welcome back, Amelopsis...haven't seen you over at Mickey's lately...

Eman said...

Amelopsis, I understand perfectly how busy life could get.
I just wish you'll rest when you need to and that you wont be away for too long.

Best wishes and good luck.

Mickey Z. said...


Amelopsis said...

Jos, Eman & Mickey,

Thanks for checking in here.

I'm still feeling like one of the last things I want to do once I'm home is sit down again and look at a computer monitor, but I'm fortunate enough to be able to say that the work keeping me busy is somewhat personally rewarding, so I'm not complaining about it yet but rather just ensuring that it subsides gradually.

I hope to trickle back to the internet much as I trickled away.

Meantime, making sure that I enjoy a nice salad and the sunny spring weather.

rosemarie said...

Missin' you.xoxoxox