Une femme de Montreal - then, and now

Marie Josephe Angélique
~Executed by Torture, Montreal, Québec ~ 1734


"I think today is sweet revenge"
~Governor General Michaëlle Jean, Montreal, Québec ~ 2006

"Racism has a history that we must never forget," Jean said. "The racism of today is an extension of the lingering racism of yesterday. If we forget this, then we risk perpetuating an unacceptable situation."


michael the tubthumper said...

nice line

only i would say that for a lot of the worlds people we are already in an unacceptable situation.

in the UK and the US (don't know about canada) they will show dead iraqis but not dead US or UK people on TV. this is also a form of racism. its ok when THEY die because thats just THEY do

Amelopsis said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for stopping by.
I agree with you 100%. I think that our Canadian coverage is very very slightly better than it is in the US vis a vis showing carnage on the news; your point is well taken.
I was simply a little struck by the irony of this particular situation in the moment. It's a tiny step forward while the rest of our destruction moves forward (backward?) in leaps and bounds.

michael the tubthumper said...

what happened to all the posting?