Canada's shame continues

This Talking Head over-rationalises the Israeli demolition of Lebanese society, reducing his position to little more than an apologist for murderers.

He is as useful as tits on a bull and doesn't have an opinion until it's given to him.

Apparently he cannot count either:
"I don't think that Canada's position is isolated in any way and I don't think that we have done anything other than participate productively, actively in looking for solution that will lead to a ceasefire."

Canada was alone with the UK in supporting the veto imposed by the US on the proposed UN resolution for a ceasefire.

He extolls the virtue and solemn importance of enforcing UN resolutions, but selectively excludes the myriad resolutions to which Israel has never complied.

Alexa McDonagh certainly has bigger balls than he, and at least sees that an immediate ceasefire is the minimum that Canada should be calling for. (and I do mean minimum)


Keir said...

"Certain conditions must be achieved to reach that stable, durable cessation of violence in the region."

One could deduce that if those certain conditions are not achieved (whatever they are, Mackay didn't say), then the violence in the region should continue. One could deduce that Canada stands behind the violence in the region, until certain (secret) conditions are achieved. What would those be?

Tits on a bull indeed.

Amelopsis said...

Your deduction is correct Keir. Canada has called Israel's assault on Lebanon a 'measured response' and the reason no details of 'certain conditions' are mentioned would seem to be that Israel hasn't yet advised those specifics.
Canada's very large immigrant population is drawing attention to the sharp about face in our foreign policy position since the change of government and some Parliamentarians are calling for a debate on this issue in general since Mackay's most recent statements. It's a day late and a dollar short but I hope to see something of our former national attitude seep back into our foreign policy.

shlemazl said...

"Canada was alone with the UK in supporting the veto imposed by the US on the proposed UN resolution for a ceasefire."

Interesting way to put it. Three of the permanent members of SC supported the resolution, including France,US and the UK. Two were against (China and Russia). They simply do whateve benefits them. Hezbollah is fighting with Russian weapons.

It is clear that Canada is by no means isolated other than among Arab regimes and other dictatorships.