Mediterranean Ecocide

Tragically the international community, aware that Lebanon cannot possibly clean this, will make no resolution to curb this man-made black tide on Beirut's shore.

Is everything in the Middle East destined to perish so horribly?


Mickey Z. said...

Hello, my friend.

I would say this is the beginning of the end...but I'd be wrong. It's the middle of the end.

Amelopsis said...

Sadly I feel I must agree.
Too much, too fast, with too many who could do too much were already throwing up their hands helplessly long before we accelerated to this point.

Scout said...

and the acceleration will only quicken!!! wish sometimes we could just fast forward to 2012.

Amelopsis said...

Time's already going so fast, life is already cheap, and I have much to learn between now and then.

Mickey Z. said...

It's what we will learn between now and then that really freaks me out.