Hunger Striking Terror Suspect hospitalized in Toronto today

Mohammed Mahjoub has been on a hunger strike for over 75 days, drinking only juice and water.

He has been held for five years in a facility not designed for such a longterm detention.

He wishes to be granted contact visits with his wife and childen.

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Mahjoub has said, 'I'm happy to wait for these decisions, but provide me with livable living conditions in the meantime.' You wouldn't treat a dog like this, nor should you," said social justice activist Matthew Behrens, one of the man's most vocal advocates.

He is one of five people being held by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service on security certificates based on secret evidence. Under federal law, the government can hold suspects indefinitely if they convince a judge the suspect is a threat.

He is accused by security officials of belonging to the Vanguards of Conquests, a militant group with ties to the terrorist organization al-Jihad.

Mahjoub has admitted meeting Osama bin Laden in Sudan in the 1990s when he worked in an agricultural plant owned by bin Laden. But he denies any links to terrorism.

Canadian authorities tried to deport Mahjoub a year ago, but a federal judge stayed the deportation order against Mahjoub, saying she was convinced he might be tortured if forced to return to Egypt, where he was convicted of having terrorism links.

Dictatorships Allow Touch Visits in Prison: Why Not Ontario????

Mahjoub and his family hope that while he is hospitalized, health care authorities will be able to properly investigate the conditions which have led to his hunger strike, including his Hepatitis C, and his knee injury.

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