The End must be nigh...

...for the appointed puppet-emperor has said "I take responsibility" for the government failure to respond in any meaningful way to the devastation that hurricane Katrina has wrought.

If only the american people would take this opportunity to impeach this criminal while they have it.

I'm sure that George will have to have his medication dose increased after today. He's sure to succomb to an apopleptic fit if his brain chemicals are allowed to get out of whack.


Frenchie said...

Hi Amelopsis, Going to the write page at PP I noticed you have a blog. Good on you!

I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time these days even for PP although I try to keep up so I can't promise to be around a lot. But, I will try to visit from time to time.

As for GWB.. A lot of his popularity can be attributed to his 'I'm a good ole boy Merkin just like you'. Coming from the south I can tell you it sells just like shotguns and rebel flags.

Amelopsis said...

Thanks for dropping by Frenchie! This blog started when PP was having a lot of down time and you'll notice that most are cross posts with Pourquoi Pas but I'll be doing what I can to keep it interesting. As for the south, I've only been to Tenessee and to Kentucky once and briefly. Strange place...so beautiful and so backwards! I got really creeped out at a tiny gas station at night asking directions when I found the guy inside had a single bare bulb (hardly enough to shed light on the interior) and he looked like he walked off the set of Deliverance. The only time I really felt comfortable was when I was with the friends I was visiting. It's odd to say the least. Canadians share so much of our popular culture with Americans but even in the tiniest of workaday towns where we have our share of shotgun and rebel flag lovers I've never felt anything like the vibe that I got in the south.

Youngfox said...

I love the way the walls have to fall down around his ears before his handlers will prompt him to feign concern or take responsibility. Such detachment is not rare with the millionaires and billionaires who rule the western world but when your nation occupies other nations and the blood of hundreds of thousands smears your flag being off in your own bubble is a luxury undeserved.

When will they impeach this clown?
If a blowjob can almost bring down a president I wonder at which point was the bar for accountability raised , lowered then tossed out all together?

Amelopsis said...

Yes Youngfox, the depths that have been plumbed before this Evil-Doer is prodded to do a song and dance about how 'he done them wrong' is just another example of the contempt with which the government and it's controllers view their subjects.