Bee in the Neocon Bonnett

Hugo Chavez has addressed the U.N.

"We believe it is time to think about the creation of an international city with
its own sovereignty, with its own strength and morality to represent all
nations of the world. Such international city has to balance five centuries
of unbalance. The headquarters of the United Nations must be in the South"

Chavez's speech (translated to English by Nestor Sanchez) makes no illusion of his purposes or ideals - and the man is aiming high.
I love every word of it.
It's sure to have raised the ire of all the Usual Suspects because he suggests of all things - the nerve of the man - that people should prosper from their Nation's wealth.
Here is a National leader who has the means to achieve his ends. Other world leaders may wish to stand up to the Neocon purpose and their assigned parts in the agenda, but few have the oil money with which to do it.
He's demonstrated that he has the wherewithal to lay his socialist agenda bare before the world. His opposition to Western developed, US led hegemony has been made clear, and while the Neocon backroom will be busy furthering their plans to oust the Venezuelan leader; I wonder if they will make the mistake of underestimating the will of the people of the developing world? After all, complacency in North America is easily understood since most people wallow in the comfort of their material goods and luxurious conveniences but those in South America and many other places on the globe have not nearly as much to lose by throwing their fervent support behind the actions of such a leader. What they have to gain is an enviable and very achievable equity among themselves.
Chavez implores the U.N. to act on it's own past resolution:

"In the Resolution 3021, May, 1974, the Assembly expressed its will to work with
utmost urgency in the creation of a New Economic International Order based on-
listen carefully, please- “the equity, sovereign equality, interdependence,
common interest and cooperation among all states regardless of their economic
and social systems, correcting the inequalities and repairing the injustices
among developed and developing countries, thus assuring present and future
generations, peace, justice and a social and economic development that grows at
a sustainable rate.”
I wait anxiously to see the results of his speech. Who knows, maybe I'll even see it covered in the mainstream media?!

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