Dare to speak


Anonymous said...

I'm very sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinian people, but I have to ask what you think of the fact that rockets continue to rain down on Israel from Gaza? I'm not saying these largely ineffectual attacks justify the disproportionate Israeli response, but do you think Israel would be raiding and bombing as they have done in the last few months if these rockets had not been falling?
A lot of the Palestinian leadership (whatever the hell that is) decries the rocket attacks and other random heinous acts by fringe groups.
What would you honestly and specifically suggest as a REALISTIC solution to the problem as a whole? Say Israel withdraws from the West Bank entirely, agrees for the border between Gaza and Egypt to be opened, and does not bomb or otherwise harass Gaza itself. Do you think all Palestinians would say 'have a nice day thanks very much' ?
Generational hate on both sides is what is being faced here. What a fucking drag. What does one say to the Palestinian boy who was born in a refugee camp and saw his Father's (himself likley born in a camp) limbs blown off by Israeli ordnance?? Similarly, what does one say to the Israeli child whose parents were ripped to shreds by a suicide bomber? And let us not play the numbers game ie. I know more Palestinians have died.
Ask the woman who was run over and killed by an Israeli tank what she would suggest. It's a tough one. In Israel people often say "If our enemies didn't have any weapons there would be peace, if we didn't have weapons our country would cease to exist". I don't literally agree with that to the letter, but it's definitely food for thought.
BTW - nice shot of Anne Frank. Did you actually read her diary or are you just being facetious?

Anonymous said...

Anon is not sympathetic at all.

When will israel stop ripping to shreds whole Palestinian families with their nightly raids, shootings, bombing, and tearing children away from their families to illegally imprison them?

israel is just one big military state and no such military as israel's has such freedom and support to continually terrorize, torture, and commit mass murders against other people such as the Palestinians, Egyptians, and Lebanese.

And forget about this ON BOTH SIDES baloney!

What we have here is a punk / gang / terrorist military not fighting men or soldiers their own age, but CHILDREN and BABIES. As for men and women of Palestine they are defenseless against the apache jets, gun ships, tanks, and nightly raids at all hours of the night.

Yes...let us play the numbers game. When it suits the agenda's of israel, eh?

- Brandy