detour on the road map...to hell (on earth)

"...Israel continues to publicly and violently ignore its international legal
and moral obligations toward the Palestinian people because it can. The price,
so far, is cheap. Israel is not being held accountable for its actions by the
international community, which refuses to employ the non-violent means available
against Israeli occupation policies—such as boycott, divestment, sanctions,
diplomatic action and civil society protests—and to demand that Israel uphold
its obligations as a “democratic” state in the world community.

For the
Palestinians sake as well as the Israelis, is time that the international
community start to do just that. "

Excerpted from this article


Anonymous said...

What does it help to boycott either Israeli or Palestinian goods? The situation in the Middle-East is as much Israeli's and Palestinians fault. They both have done and will continuosly do criminal acts against humanity and international law. The people in the western world can not solve the problems in the area. The future depends on the people and good will on the area.
- A man who has thoughts

Amelopsis said...

Anonymous Men Who Have Thoughts would do well to better inform themselves before posing such inane questions on such complex political matters as the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and the collective punishment being visited upon the Palestinian population.

Suffice it to say that your statements are not only naive, but incorrect.