Thor's Contrails

Mark Humpage went to Norway for the purpose of oberserving the Aurora Borealis and to photograph "the sun's clouds" in the Earth's night sky.

He took a collection of striking photos, to be sure.

The Cloud Appreciation Society, well, appreciates them too; and they say this:

"Mark tells us
that the Vikings thought the Northern Lights were the contrails of Thor’s
chariot being pulled by three goats. This sounds no less believable to us than
magnetic storms caused by million-mile-an-hour plasma clouds.

While in other news....

The Pope, having been forced to cancel his speech at La Sapienza University in Rome when the Academia

"The controversy began after 67 professors at the university signed a letter
saying the pope should not be allowed to give the inauguration speech for the
academic year."

and Students

made it clear that they were likely to ask more of any Address than might one with the Innocence of a Child.

"In his homily, Benedict urged the faithful to follow God with the innocence
and purity of a child's heart."

After considering the fascinating natural phenomenon, types of historical knowledge we have to take into account, and the options which a personnage such as the Holy See would propose; I think I'd like to know more about the plasma clouds that affect our magnetosphere as a result of the sun's weather activity.

Who needs Thor's Hammer when we all have our own Hammers to Think with?

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