I've been in very low gear as far as posting goes lately, so I decided to post a short rant that I made over at Mickey Z's the other day. I've edited only slightly, nothing of the context is skewed.....

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I don't think we can possibly hope for any effective counterculture to be bourne of humanity until and unless we fully regain control of our everyday lives in the system which we currently have.

This is no small task and it requires the awareness and involvement of the majority of the population as individuals to take responsibility for the results of their individual actions, both materially and psychologically.

We must relinquish our "Consumer Status" and reclaim our "Status as Citizens".

I think this becomes a feasible option only after we see and understand the many nuances of manipulation that exist by great effort on the part of those who hold power on our planet.

Until then, I believe it is more ‘narcissistic and infantile indifference’ to think that our current global political, social and economic situation will remain unchanged; or if there existed a sussessful counterculture such as you suggest, it would revert to an equally tenuous situation before more than a couple of decades at most.

This article [suggested by my fellow Expendable JOS] serves to lift the corner of the veil and aids in the appreciation of the magnitude of effert that is put toward controlling our social conditions.


Mickey Z. said...

You certainly did all right for someone in low gear.

Amelopsis said...

Thanks, Mickey.

JOS said...

I feel like there is so much more to learn and study on this topic...it seems like we could get somewhere if we can determine why people are so easily manipulated.

Amelopsis said...

It's a matter of conditioning over generations to the point of cultural integration. The techniques of manipulation are so many and some of them are 'easy' but I think there's a great deal of effort, and in fact entire industries are founded upon these structures designed to manipulate...equal effort needs to go into undoing the programming. I'm doing a lot of reading on it myself lately, and there's A LOT to read about.

Thanks for stopping by, JOS