Here goes nothing

This could go rather wrong...here's a new template.


The Intolerant One said...

Hi Amelopsis,

It has been awhile. I still drop in on occassion to read your stuff.

(LOL)You and I just do not see eye to eye on many things but you have always been pleasant so I have continued to visit silently.

However, I did want to comment on your new template. It is much easier to read and brings a fresh look. I like it.

Amelopsis said...

Hi Intolerant,
I'm glad you find something here worth stopping in for once in a while, and thanks for your feedback on the new template - I'd hoped it would make some of the reading a little bit easier.

Scout said...

YESSSSSSS!!!!!! even makes the ''easter eggs' stand out nice and clear :)

JOS said...

It looks great, Amelopsis.

Mickey Z. said...

Remember: Your body is your template.