The Magic Hour

This striking photo and many others at mr. damon's skychurch


Jeff Msangi said...

Quite amazing photo.I am in love with photography.Did I ever tell you that before?

Amelopsis said...

Hi Jeff, I didn't know you were a photography buff.

I only wish I was able to take decent photos myself. Despite my efforts I seem just as likely to take a completely crappy photo as I am to take a perfect one.

I hope you have a look around at mr. damon's site...there are so many subjects and artworks there, multiple visits are needed to appreciate them all. (then I go back and do it all again!)

Youngfox said...

Mr. Damon is quite an artist with many talents.

Amelopsis said...

Indeed he is, Youngfox.

BTW Jeff, this photo was taken in New Mexico and the phrase "The Magic Hour" is taken from Don Juan, from the books by author Carlos Castanedas; all of which are set/took place in New Mexico and Northern Mexico.

I have a feeling you might like to check them out.