Canadians right to privacy is being eroded

Paul Martin's government will be putting forward 'The Lawful Access Bill' next month. The bill will legislate that telecommunications companies be required build in the technology to enable wire taps in any future equipment upgrades .

Paul asks us to beleive him when he says:
"When the government brings forth this kind of legislation obviously the
question of civil rights is first and foremost in our minds and they will be

Meanwhile, our federal privacy commissioner has cold feet:

"We remain sceptical about the need for these potentially intrusive and
far-reaching measures."

Now I realise there are a lot a good number of distinctions remaining that differentiate us in Canada from our neighbours to the south; but gawd damn - I don't think most Canadians want a fear based administration as they have south of the all important 49th parallel; and I sure as hell don't need my rights diminished and diluted because the government can't afford the manpower to keep up with technological advances without doing so.

Apparently some police officers think that a good way to defray the costs of this legislation would be to tack another quarter onto our phone bills.

They want us to bend over and then pay them for it??

Really - get in touch with your local MP and express your outrage at this proposed legislation.

If you don't already know who your MP is, find them using your postal code here.

Tell them you don't want your tax dollars wasted on this legistlation that will do nothing to prevent criminal activity, and everything to ensure that Canadians right to privacy is undermined.

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