We must protect freedom of speech in Canada

While B'nai brith is claiming

that the 2nd Annual Canada Palestine Film Festival, which opens today at
Winnipeg's prestigious Cinematheque theatre, is "about propaganda not art."

Winnipegers must be vigiliant for us all. They are at the vanguard of what is a plan to curb the rights of anyone who might choose to speak against Zionism. (Not to mention that there is a UN resolution against Israel that has been ignored for years now. )

In their press release, B'Nai Brith legal counsel David Matas repeats his annual
claim that "the very title of this year's festival, 'Occupation Will Still Be
Televised,' denotes an attitude that is a priori prejudicial and harmful to
Israel, and blatantly misrepresents the facts on the ground."

It's not a court hearing - it's a film festival.

Film-makers have a right to make documentaries or fiction.

Even when they don't agree with a particular political view, and even when they are Palestinian.


Baron bleu-obscur said...

You're damn right!
I'm really, really tired of the B'Nai Brith's monopoly of pain for the Jude...
They're becoming fascists themselves and they don't seem to notice it.

They are so ridiculous!
They destroy themselves their own credibility.

It is shameful...

Amelopsis said...

They're becoming fascists themselves and they don't seem to notice it.

Ah, but I think they do. Probably not individual members, I think they, as most people, want a just society. But the greater Zionist machinations are aware of their fascist resemblance...they just don't care as long as they are building Israel's strength and population.
It is truly abhorent behaviour to use something as horrible as real bigotry in order to prevent it from being used on your own group.

Youngfox said...

B.B. joins the Canadian Jewish Congress as a powerful lobby for censoring anything critical of sacred cow Israel in Canada. Unfortunately their collective lobbying powers,funding and influence in the Canadian government make them a formidable enemy of free speech.