Couple killed after being branded witches

Chhutni Mahatani was called a witch

In Calcutta (I'm supposed to say 'Kolkata' now - can't make the switch - sorry!):
A tribal couple has been hacked to death in West Bengal by villagers who suspected them to be "witches" responsible for a wave of malarial fever in the area.

So while we talk of human rights and advancing equality in the world - some people are so woefully uneducated that they are acting like 17th century colonial puritans - their compatriots who live in the big city are busy taking your call about your car insurance.

Talk about a disparity.

Reports reaching here on Friday said 55-year-old Soli Oraon and his wife Mungri were branded witches by inhabitants of Darjeeling's Mill Bagan tea estate and killed Wednesday night.

They were held responsible for malaria and other diseases affecting slum dwellers in the locality.

On Wednesday night, some villagers dragged the elderly couple to a nearby jungle and killed them.

The couple had reportedly been living in the area for a long time and had been practicing witchcraft.

Witch hunting is common in many tribal dominated areas of West Bengal. In many cases, women are branded witches and killed by relatives for their property.

Another article on the same topic here (CNN), or an older report here (Indian source called Frontline).

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