Extradite Pat Robertson to Canada:

Since we have an extradition treaty and it appears that Pat Robertson’s hate speach may have broken Canada’s Broadcasting act:

“Earlier Friday, the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commsion said it has received about 20 complaints about Robertson's statements. The CRTC will look at whether the TV preacher's comments broke Canada's Broadcasting Act. Some Canadian TV stations carry Robertson's program.”

We should ask for Pat’s extradition to Canada.

It’s only reasonable since the empire is busy extraditing Canadians.


D' Wizard said...

Would it not be sufficient to have your government declare him "Persona non grata"

Amelopsis said...

Thanks for dropping in and leaving what I will assume is a comment made in earnest. In answer to your question, persona non grata status has no legal ramifications that I know of. My post was made somewhat in jest - while I don't support Canada's hate speech laws, they do exist and Mr. Robertson violated our broadcasting regulations by speaking his hate speach on his show which is (unfortunately) broadcast on a Canadian television; hence he should be prosecuted or at the very least the CRTC should impose a fine and restrictions. Perhaps they should put up a disclaimer saying the 700 club 'may contain language and violent subject matter that is suited for a mature audience'.