Iraqi Faithful encounter more tragedy

Even when Iraqis are attempting to go about something like their normal routines or traditions there is some instigator to precipitate horror:

"Officials had earlier suggested that someone in the crowd deliberately triggered the stampede by saying they had seen a suicide bomber."

This is a hallmark of a covert operation carried out by occupiers wishing to instill fear in civilians without any care for the deathly consequences. It makes me sick.

"People swarmed the bridge. There had to be a search operation at the end of the bridge, so crowds gathered and a certain scream caused chaos in the crowds and the crowds just reacted and this sorrowful incident took place."

I'm no civil engineer, but perhaps it would have been wiser to have the check point where people were getting onto the bridge?

Three days of mourning have been declared as though this is some sort of unforseeable accident; Iraqis have much to mourn but this is no accident.

It's at best a result of poor planning and at worst a planned culling of the peaceful to instil fear in a population struggling to overcome a fear they've been living for years.

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