Israel should treat their own terrorists as they treat Palestinians

Israeli Protests

An Israeli gunman opened fire on Palestinians in the West Bank, killing three and wounding two.
Reports say the gunman grabbed a weapon from a security guard at the industrial zone of a West Bank settlement, then opened fire on nearby Palestinians.
The gunman, reportedly a resident of a West Bank settlement, was arrested. News media reports said he opened fire in an attempt to disrupt the Gaza pullout, but the reports could not immediately be confirmed.
from CBC report today

The circumstances that settlers are creating is nothing more than vile and disgusting. It's behaviour that only the most self serving bigots could possibly carry out.

The deeds to property originally issued to all settlers specifically stated that it was subject to being revoked by the state in future, AND these people are being aided and compensated.
The actions and attitudes of those resisting this withdrawal is absolutely hysterical, and shamefully so.

The murderer arrested for shooting the Palestinians who are the rightful citizens of Gaza and not involved in any disturbance as they were victimized, should be turned over to the Palestinian Authority to do with as they will - after all, it is supposed to be 'Palestinian' territory now.
Not bloody likely though.

Sharon's quoted as saying the settlers should not attack soldiers, but "attack me, blame me" ... jabba the sharon should have the balls to say that to the Palestinians.

I'm livid that yet more people are being treated as pawns by the Israeli criminals.

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