If Dahr Jamail can maintain hope, it's hope for all of us

Meanwhile in the Crawford “Green Zone,” Mr. Bush chooses to ignore the resistance movement that is standing outside his fence. But that is alright, because the hundreds of people there now protesting represent tens (if not hundreds) of millions across the country who, like the Iraqi resistance, are not going to go away.

Dahr Jamail's latest writings on the situation on the ground in Iraq "Two Green Zones" suggests that events there are going to bring the political situation in America to a head.

I think many Americans who've not been brainwashed must be getting as sick of the right's tactics as I am at this point. This whole Cindy bandwagon where I see so many articles criticizing her for smiling because they claim she must therefore be feigning grief....

The type of arguments they continue to present are so pre-school intelligence level that I can't even begin to entertain them with much vigour.

The same sentiment applies to any notion that this occupation is going at all well (for all concerned who are actually there themselves) and any support of it at all.

All the expressions: "freedom isn't free" ...blah blah blah... They just sicken me with boredom.
Who's freedom? It's a legitimate question and it should be answered prior to mocking.

As the article mentions, the people protesting won't go away. If the govt. there continues to attack peaceful protesters with tear gas and tazers and attack party-going ravers, the youth might just be compelled to vote next time and the democrats can attempt to perform again, hopefully in some sort of globally responsible manner. (if any of the parties is still capable of that)


Tony said...

There seems to be a malaise in politics worldwide. Poor governments are not being challenged and it's to the detriment of everyone.

Amelopsis said...

Tony you'll have to elaborate on your comment. I'm uncertain what you mean by "poor governments not being challenged" ??