Hooray for Judge Coleman

Fogging communities with malathion has been on the minds of many Canadians, (and all Winnipegers, I'm sure) this year. It has become a mandatory action on the part of the government and no one has been granted the right to have their home or community exempted on the grounds of health concerns or otherwise.

I think the policy is unfair, and dimwitted. How does it justify subjecting an entire population and the entire ecosystem of the region to prevent a few people from potentially becoming ill from West Nile?

It's at best absurd, and at worst the thin end of the police state wedge.

Glenda Whiteman was charged for protesting last month outside Winnipeg's insect control yard on July 19.
Now she has received an absolute discharge and the Judge is to be commended for his frankness and willingness to fairly rule on her case.

"I admire and respect you for being both courageous and articulate as you have been in support of your particular position"

~Judge Howard Coleman upon rendering his verdict

I'm pleasantly surprised at this ruling that upholds the rights and freedoms of Canadians willing to stand up for themselves.

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