Hello Humans...

Hello Humans.
Just surfacing to remind you that in the 21st Century you do not need to
smash my face in with a club to survive.

This post is ripped from my buddy Youngfox


-E said...

You do realize that the images of people beating the seals are by anti-seal hunting groups for emotional propaganda right? Those who are actually hunting the seals don't do it by hiting them with a club.

Amelopsis said...

The clubbing of seals has gone on for millenia - since long before there was any protest against it.

What's protested now is a commercial hunt.

(There also really isn't a santa claus or a tooth fairy.)

Atomic Bombshell said...

HAHAHAHA Is this for real?

Amelopsis said...

Atomic bombshell I'll grant the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're laughing at the notion of the seal hunt violence being a sham. Keep laughing until you stop crying.