A magnetic pole shift is long overdue...

Could we be in the early stages of a polar shift on our planet?
Sound crazy??

Scientists are well aware of this phenomenon.
We are long overdue for such an event on Earth.

These things don't happen overnight, of course and no one's saying that our compasses are out of whack yet, but I do think that we're experiencing a few "minor" abnormalities that are mainly evident to us through
animal migration.

Leatherback turtles rely on the magnetic poles to navigate their migration routes

The reversal is inevitable, but unlikely to be completed in any of our lifetimes, but just imagine the havoc that it will wreak?

The results of short-sighted human activities (industrial or otherwise) have already placed so many barriers in the way of migrating species that I shudder to think how they will fare when nature itself undergoes this sort of paradigm shift.

Youngfox beat me to posting this topic over the weekend!

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